Each film you saw at the Festival you rated from 1 to 5 stars. After 29 screenings in Sydney, Canberra and Perth, the results are in!

Based on the average rating per film, the winner of the World Movies Audience Award For Best Film is DIVIDE IN CONCORD, directed by Dave Regos. Dave, who is based in New York, was here to present the film at the Festival, and took part in a great Q&A at Event Cinemas in Sydney.

The documentary - about one woman's quest to ban the sale of plastic bottled water in her town - averaged a stellar 4.64 stars out of 5! Runners up were Sebastien Pilote's Quebec drama THE AUCTION and Drew Taylor and Larry Weinstein's documentary OUR MAN IN TEHRAN, with 4.5 stars apiece.

Everyone who voted for the World Movies Audience Award went into a draw to win 2 x $1,000 vouchers to be used towards a 2015 Cosmos USA/Canada tour of their choice.

The winner has been drawn: congratulations to Pamela C. from East Sydney! 

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THE MEND wins Best American Film!

John Magary's THE MEND has won the Award for Best American Film at the 9th Possible Worlds Film Festival, a showcase of the best new feature films from the US and Canada. Now in its 9th year, the Australian festival presented a carefully curated showcase of 18 new independent films from North America.

The award was presented by a jury of three distinguished film professionals: Larin Sullivan, Jim Poe and Luke Goodsell at the Festival's closing night screening of LAND HO!

In the words of jury spokesman Jim Poe:

"We, the American jury, would first of all like to acknowledge Dave Regos' Divide in Concord for its honest, direct and entertaining treatment of the very important topics of water rights and plastic waste. A special mention goes to Faults, Riley Stearns' first feature, for its clever take on the suspense genre and great execution.

The prize for Best American Film goes to John Magery's The Mend – also a first feature and an extremely impressive one. We loved it for its rawness and vibrancy, its emotional complexity, its outstanding screenplay that keeps the viewer guessing, its craftsmanship (particularly the cinematography and the music) and its terrific performances. It also resonated with us as a great film about the New York experience. Congratulations to John Magary and his crew for this fine achievement and we expect more greatness from him in the future."


Meet the Jury for the Best Canadian Film

One of the nine Canadian films screening at Possible Worlds this year will earn its director the Possible Worlds Award for Best Canadian Film. We've assembled a top-notch jury of film experts to decide on a winner, who will be announced at the Closing Night premiere of LAND HO! on Sunday August 17th. 


Originally from Calgary, Canada, Steve moved to Australia to study film at the Queensland College of Arts, at Brisbane’s Griffith University. Steve directed acclaimed documentary And The Beat Goes On... Ibiza, and produced Australian features Circle of Lies, Skin Deep, Ambrosia and Embedded, written and directed by Stephen Sewell (The Boys). He has just wrapped his narrative directorial debut Chocolate Oyster.


Conor Bateman is the managing editor of online film journal 4:3. He has written for Empire Magazine, Vibewire and Honi Soit, and worked for SBS and the Sydney Film Festival, where he co-authored the SFF’s 60th Anniversary online archive. 

Travelling Film Festival Manager Alicia Emery has worked for Sydney Film Festival for over 3 years. As TFF Manager she curates and organises the touring arm of SFF and travels to 20 locations in NSW, NT & QLD to present the film festival to regional audiences in Australia. Alicia’s background is in event management & coordination, film & television production, and administration.

Ever dreamed of living in Canada?

Do you have an adventurous spirit? A willingness to challenge the unknown and identify your own opportunities? Ever considered Canada for your working holiday? Australian Jessica Gray did just that and this is what she had to say about it:

What were the highlights of your Working Holiday?

I'm a bit of a "Smallville" fan, so when I found out that a lot of the filming was done in and around Vancouver, I took myself on a little landmark tour of all the sites. It’s a little nerdy, it was great fun!
Bobsledding. And not just any bobsledding, it was the same track that in 1988, the Jamaican bobsled team crashed but got up and walked across the finish line. Consequently, the same track where they filmed 'Cool Runnings,' the movie about the same story.
Dog sledding was absolutely awesome. The dogs were sooo cute and I quickly discovered that driving was not as easy as I had assumed. I was surprised to find that it takes quite a bit of skill!
I did numerous trips to different mountains around the Rockies such as Sunshine, Whistler, Lake Louise, Norquey, Kicking Horse, Fernie, Revelstoke and Silverstar. There are just so many places to go but this is all I got to do while I was away, my favourite being Kicking Horse. Absolutely loved the terrain and the views and, it probably helped that this is where I got the freshest, most amazing dumps of powder.

What did you do in Canada?

I worked as a full time lift attendant at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, AB and lived in a house with a New Zealander, a Canadian, a fellow Aussie and a Dutch guy. It was awesome. Work was a challenging but fun place, my housemates and I went on many adventures and the travelling i got to do and see so many amazing things. From riding down a mountain in waist deep snow to backyard campfires to house parties and games nights. I worked hard and I played hard and if I had my time again, I wouldn't do it any different.

What made you decide to do a Working Holiday in Canada?

Canada was just one of those places that I had always wanted to go. I have always been an outdoors person I had seen so many pictures of breathtaking landscapes and animals and I just had a real yearning to go and experience it for myself, and I'm so glad I did. Pictures are amazing, but experiencing and seeing things first hand is just a phenomenal and amazing experience. The working holiday meant I could not only travel around and see the beautiful country they have over there, but I got to stay there long term and experience it. I got to live in it. Become familiar with places and people, build a life and experience living in and through a different culture. It allowed me to grow in so many ways and see the true and deep beauty in so many people and places I got to experience.

What did you get out of it?

It was such an amazing and growing experience. I met so many different people from all over the world, worked in a great job with some challenging and inspiring people and am still amazed when I think back on it all. I was 19 at the time and I gained so much independence in learning to live and take care of myself. I gained a greater understanding of a different culture and the joy that can be found in realising our similarities and celebrating our differences.  It was a very character building experience, it helped me become a more confident person, to approach all people with value, with the things they can teach us and the amazing stories they have can share. It also taught me to be grateful for my own country and culture. Experiencing another culture helps you appreciate your own, and I am definitely a more patriotic Australian for having been overseas.

Do you have a Canadian working holiday story? Share it with IEC:


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