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#30 - Top 100 Canadian Films 

In the lead up to the 7th Canadian Film Festival in Australia (August 2012), join us as we countdown the Top 100 Canadian Films of the past 30 years. We'll be posting one film a day leading up to Canada Day on July 1st 2012. Do you agree with our team favourites? Let us know your thoughts!

#30 - Trigger

Canada’s most rock’n’roll film director Bruce McDonald is behind this story of two ex-punk rock ladies who reconnect after 10 years apart. Vic and Kat were the core of wildly successful punk band Trigger a decade ago, but disconnected from each other when the band broke up in acrimonious circumstances.

An indie record label wants the band to reform for a tribute concert – but this means putting Vic and Kat back in each other’s company, where all the issues of their past are likely to resurface. As the night unfolds, over dinner and later at the tribute concert, the pair open-up about numerous issues and the complexity of their relationship is revealed.

may be about punk rockers, but it’s definitely not musically driven – the film is very dialogue heavy, and it’s the intelligent, empathetic scriptwriting by Daniel MacIvor and strong acting performances by the über-talented leads Tracy Wright and Molly Parker that make the film. You feel deeply for the characters and form an emotional attachment to both Vic and Kat, however flawed they both are.

Interestingly, Trigger was originally written as the sequel to McDonald’s 1996 punk rock mockumentary Hard Core Logo, with lead characters Joe Dick and Billy Tallent as the reunited rockers. However, when it became apparent that the actors who had played the original parts weren’t going to be available in time for the shoot, the leads were switched to women and it was, as McDonald says, “effortless.”

The end result is a captivating, thought-provoking film that delves into issues surrounding love and friendship, in particular how easy it can be for a person to love another and sometimes how difficult it is to love yourself.

- Adele Moleta

Trigger premiered in Australia at Possible Worlds 2011 alongside McDonald’s Broken Social Scene concert film This Movie is Broken.

“A mesmerizing talk-a-thon with smart, useful things to say about life, love and rock 'n' roll.
Stephen Cole - Globe and Mail

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