Finding Cheap Mini Bar Fridges Online

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Luxury hotel with bar fridge

Looking for some truly conveniently priced mini bar fridges for your hotel? Or perhaps for home use? Well, the latest technology mini bar fridges are quite expensive, but you can still find affordable top quality products if you invest enough time into research. So let’s see a few tips on how to find the best deals on mini bar fridges

Check out offers from online retailers

Online products are always much cheaper. The vendors do not have to pay actual rent for the space of the store. They can keep all their products in warehouses, which is a much cheaper solution. Thus, online sellers can afford to offer top quality products at great prices. Simply research online and see which store offers the best deals. Check out special promotions, discounts, buy-backs and coupon deals. You will ultimately find the product you are looking for, within the budget you have available.

Cheaper by the dozen

Well, if you own a hotel or a motel and it is time to equip your rooms with mini bar fridges…then take advantage of the bulk sales. You surely need to buy 10+ such mini fridges, so you should ask the seller directly for a discount. Many vendors are ready to offer up to 20% discount if you will buy in bulk products through their stores. Every seller would love to see 10 or 20 mini bar fridges going out from his warehouse and more money enter his pockets, so take the negotiation tactics with you. Send an email to the seller, ask him for a quote. Now do the same with another retailer, and start comparing quotes. See which retailer offers you the best terms, conditions and prices for the products you want to buy.

Second hand products not a bad idea…

Well, if you have a very limited budget, you may want to check out a few used but in good condition products. Search online for these bar fridges by Aqua Range which are some of the best on the market. Only make sure the seller offers some kind of guarantee for his products (6 months, maybe 1 years warranty would be the best). You can buy top condition mini bar fridges with even 60% lower prices compared to new products. These will not be top new technology fridges, but they will fit perfectly their purpose: cooling beverages and snacks in your hotel room

Get fewer advanced features

So what does a mini fridge do? Cooling snacks and beverages. Therefore, if you want products at the most affordable price, don’t look for extra features such as LED ambient lights, convertible door hinges, compressor snooze options, etc. Purchase simple yet robust build mini bar fridges that will perform what they are supposed to- cool to perfection every single beverage.

There are also extremely beautiful design mini bar fridges available, which can even be personalized. If you are not looking for such luxuries, you can actually buy your fridges at very low cost. Look for the classic yet stylish mini bar fridges that can be placed in hotel rooms, or even at home. If you can afford to invest more money however, it is worth buying latest technology mini bar fridges that will help you save even up to 60% on your energy bills thanks to the Compressor Snooze option (the compressor can actually be stopped for 8 hours per day!).