Garage Storage Options

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GarageStorageGarages can be great places for storing knick knacks and other items which aren’t used on a daily basis. However, most people tend to just throw their things off in any empty space in the garage. The result is a cluttered space where it is difficult to find anything when you actually need it. The following are a few garage storage options which work great without breaking the bank.

Sort things out

The basic mistake which most people make when putting things in the garage is to simply throw everything together. The key is to make sure that things which are similar should go together. For example, if you have carpenter tools, these should be put together in a box neatly. Make sure you label the boxes so you know what’s inside each box. You can buy these boxes at storage supply stores. For things which are larger chose bigger storage boxes. Smaller items like screws and nails can be put in a shoe box as well because they don’t require a great deal of space.

Sliding storage option on garage ceilings

Don’t worry if you have a small garage and don’t have any storage options. Consider your ceilings a great place for using a sliding storage option. The best part about such a storage option is that you always know where your important items are stored and can reach them by simply sliding off the storage box from the ceiling.

Make use of storage racks

Storage racks can be mounted on the walls and can be used for storing anything from screw drivers to hammers and everything in between. Most people find it difficult to find the right screw driver from a box, having a storage rack handy allows you to choose and store each item with relative ease.

Wall storage options

Wall storage options are great for people who have small garages. Plus it’s also a great way of keeping the space clean and organized. Most people hang their bikes and all sorts of tools on walls.

Hang recycling bins on walls

ConvertedGarageRecycling bins are a great way of storing all your tools. It’s a cheap option which not only helps save space but is great for storing small screws and nuts. It’s common for people to lose their screws and bolts easily. However this sort of storage system would help you find all these small things with relative ease.

Invest in storage racks

If you aren’t the sort of person to indulge in DIY project then invest in large storage racks which can be attached to wall. Place recycling bins on the racks and keep all your items in those recycle bins. Always label the bins according to what you have put in them. This way you won’t lose track of what’s in each bin.

Invest in a folding garage table

A folding work table is a great way of saving some garage space. It can double both as work bench and when it’s not in use it can be used as a storage table to keep all your items in one place.

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