How Does A Baby Teething Jewellery Necklace Help Mums?

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Beautiful teething jewelleryTeething is the term used when the infant’s teeth start to appear from the gums. These teeth normally appear from six to eight months. When the child goes through teething, the temperature of the child is elevated, and babies get cranky as well as fussy when they are teething. The gums get sore, and they swell and causes the baby pain.

When the baby is entering the teething stage, the baby tends to dribble and drool, has mood changes, is irritable and cries or has restless nights. They also start chewing on toys as well as their fingers so that the pressure which they feel in the gums is relieved.

It is at this time that a baby is given teething jewellery. This is an idea that is very old fashioned and was used in Melbourne and other places as well, but now these baby teething necklaces have seen a resurgence. The reason perhaps is due to the scientific study that was conducted to see if these baby teething necklaces are a hoax or there is some scientific truth to them.

These baby teething jewellery items found in Melbourne and other cities, usually are necklaces made of gold colored beads. The teething jewellery here are made of amber, and as succinic acid is naturally occurring in it, these baby teething necklaces are very effective. The reason behind the efficacy is that succinic acid works as a natural pain reliever. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and it calms the central nervous system. This means that this not only eases the pain of the baby but it has a soothing effect on them as well.

These beads are worn against the skin of the baby, and it should be short so that the baby cannot grab it or pull it. When it is not seen, the baby will not even notice it. These necklaces are designed keeping in mind the age of the wearer, so if they are pulled tightly, they break, and so there is no fear of the child choking as a result of wearing these beads. In fact, as another safety measure, each of these beads is knotted individually so that they don’t all fall from the necklace.

As a safety measure, it is suggested that at night it be removed from the child’s neck or else it can be wrapped around the ankle of the child and covered by a sock so that it still works all night.

Some parents though prefer not to use these teething jewellery items as they fear:

  1. The baby may choke on the necklace, and that is a bigger hazard than the pain the child goes through when they are teething
  2. The baby could strangulate himself or herself
  3. The baby could develop a rash around the area where it touches the skin in case the baby is allergic to it or if the baby sweats and that leads to bacterial infections.

This like all other products has pros and cons and it is up to the parent to decide.