How to Heat Your Swimming Pool More Efficiently

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Residential Swimming Pool

So you own a pool or are thinking about getting a pool and want to find a way to heat your pool or maybe you just want a better way to heat your pool. Pool heating can be expensive and also a slow process, so we have looked at some great swimming pool heating options and ideas to help you out. The following three ideas are simple ways to heat your pool while saving money on energy bills, electric bills, and pool chemical costs.

Solar Pool Cover

The use of swimming pool covers or pool blankets will save you a lot of money. By covering up the surface of the pool, you are keeping most of the heat from escaping through the surface of the water and trapping it underneath. The material is also made to attract sunlight and bring more heat into to the swimming pool. Solar pool heating with one of these covers is cheaper because they do not require electricity or gas- all it needs is time, so keep your pool covered while not swimming in it and it will be ready to go when you want to take a dip.

Liquid Solar Heater

Another way of solar pool heating that is less known is through the liquid solar heater. This method uses a non-toxic, biodegradable liquid that will help your pool heat up faster using solar power. You can either pour it into the pool yourself, or you can use solar fish that float around in your pool releasing little bits of the liquid over time. There are also solar rings that are similar to the fish in that they also float around the pool or sink to the bottom while releasing the liquid. All of these methods do the same thing just as effectively. Another bonus of the solar liquid is that it will slow the rate of evaporation so you will not need to use the pool pumps as much or waste as much money on pool chemicals. The liquid is completely safe for swimmers and pets as it is non-toxic and not harmful at all.

Moderation of Use

If solar heating is not your preferred method or you already, happen to have a gas heater and still want to find out how to save some money on the energy bills, and then simply moderate your use. Gas pool heaters are some of the fastest working pool heaters, so there is no need to leave them on all the time or even most of the time. By only turning on the gas heater a few hours or the night before you know you will be using the pool and then turning it off after every use, you will save a considerable amount on your bill. Many people falsely believe that you must maintain a certain moderate temperature all week in order to not overwork the heater and rack up the cost of heating by letting the pool lose all of its heat. This is untrue because the amount of heat you need is based on how much heat your pool is losing and that could change rather drastically throughout the week and it does not make sense to try to maintain a certain heat unless you are not worried about the bill. In which case, heat on my friend.