Techniques that Benefit Video SEO

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How does Video SEO help your company's SEO results?

The change that we see in online consumption today can be likened to that change of the 20th century media where magazines and newspapers made room for radios, film and later TVs have come to dominate the large audiences. Equally, the internet is moving from being simply text based and now it’s incorporating videos in news, entertainment and or instructions. Using videos in SEO requires the producers and distributors of these videos to be adapted to SEO techniques for video and their growing acceptance. Some of the key techniques to incorporate in video development and distribution that will benefit video SEO are discussed below.

Using transcripts and captions

Videos contain spoken content and audio. However, this spoken content can be represented using text called transcripts. Search engines crawl texts thus; the use of transcripts in videos benefits video SEO in that the search engines ingest your video content deeply as compared to videos without transcripts. Google spiders crawl through a video transcript and in turn amplify your presence in search engines. Use of captions is another way that benefits video SEO in that they get indexed by YouTube and Google after uploading and in turn boost your ranking in search engines.

Pick a Suitable Title and Description

This is no different from picking a suitable title and description for your website for the purposes of SEO. You want to be wordy and include all important key words but in a way that is user friendly and not just stuffing keywords.

Include Video in Sitemaps

A sitemap tells search engines about the pages on your website so that they are in a better position to be indexed. A video sitemap specifically identifies and tags videos on your website. A decent video sitemap includes a video file, thumbnail image, title and information describing the video. However, if your site lacks a video sitemap, your video will not be directly included in the related search results by search engines.

Optimize Video URLs 

This technique is very important in video SEO. Make sure your video URLs are optimized by including some information about them or the page in the URL.

Keep the Videos Short

You may have made a very brilliant video, however, don’t expect people to watch videos that run for more than ten minutes. Sometimes ten minutes can even be too long, instead; you can cut long videos into a series of small videos and you’ll keep your users more engaged this way. Using a shorter video of say 3 minutes or less benefits video SEO more than using longer videos of say 30 minutes.

Video SEO Company – Where to find one?

Now that we have established how to optimise your videos for SEO, finding a company to help you ensure it is correct is the next step. Many SEO agencies like the one found here will be able to help you optimise your video content. The bottom line is that it is not only a good way to kill time, but it is also a remarkable way to educate your client base and or customers, direct more traffic to your site, grow your reach as well as increase your sales. With the help of these techniques, access to some quality and unique content as well as a basic understanding of handling SEO for that specific content, you can tap into this online opportunity that is very dynamic and exciting.